Matter of Trust

Jon David Salon is proud to be a member of "HAIR FOR OIL SPILLS PROGRAM" with the "MATTER OF TRUST" charity organization.

Here is how it works: Alabama hairdresser Phil McCory came up with the hairy idea while watching news reports on the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill, according to the Matter of Trust website. As a hair professional, he knows how hair is attracted to oil -- and why humans need to shampoo their hair regularly. The oil clings to the hair but is not absorbed by it. That makes hair a good, natural cleaning aide.

Matter of Trust says they've opened more than a dozen warehouses in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida where the hair is shipped. Hundreds of volunteers stuff the hair and fur into nylons which are then tied together to form tubes or booms. The booms are used to surround, contain and aid cleanup of the oil spill. Please check this website for more information!