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Junior Stylist

More About Me

Training/Years of Experience/Special Certification:
I have been in the hair industry for about 6 years now. In 2010 I received my license after completing 2 years in cosmetology in High school. As soon as I graduated I joined The JonDavid Group.After one year as a Shampoo assistant and 2 years as an assistant stylist I became a Junior Stylist. During my time at JonDavid I have learned many different techniques in advanced haircutting and coloring.

Stylist level:
Junior Stylist

What is Your Favorite Thing about being a Stylist?
My favorite thing about being a Stylist is being able to have the opportunity to transform client’s appearance by fulfilling their hair desires.

What is something unique that you would like the clients to know about you?
My best attribute is the passion I have for doing hair. I believe you need to have passion for what you’re doing in order to succeed in your job. Also clients should know I’m able to relate to all type of different people and age group.

What is your favorite tip/hair secret you would like to share with clients?
When you are working with curly hair and applying products; always start applying the product from the roots all the way through to the ends so this way the curls will not get frizzy.

Locations and availability:
Clifton Location: Wednesday through Sunday, open to close